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Dan Cathcart

Cathcart Financial

Dan Cathcart

Dan was born and raised in the Edmonton area. He graduated from the University of Alberta in 2001 with a BSc. Computer Engineering, with Distinction. After working as an engineer, he entered the financial world in December 2003, quickly getting licensed in January 2004.

Dan become a student of the business, and quickly progressed. In April 2006 he started Cathcart Financial, a small brokerage in Edmonton were he currently serves clients.

Dan is passionate about great financial planning and utilizes unique and personalized solutions. Being in the Business for some time now Dan has developed a process for working with his clients that puts them in the best position to succeed. His process is as follows:

1st is asking the right questions to get a picture of your financial circumstances and where you are today.

2nd is understanding what your goals are for the future.

3rd is providing an honest assessment of how attainable those goals are, which goals are most realistic, and which are your priorities.

4th is exploring what actions are needed to ensure you reach your goals and how comfortable you are with those actions.

Going forward Dan builds on this conversation at every check-in with his clients. This provides a firm foundation so you know what to expect and can feel confident that your planning is being done smart and thorough.

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