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Erin Ockochinski

Salty Zebra Creative

Erin Ockochinski

Erin Ockochinski of Salty Zebra Creative focuses on creating the perfect visual for our clients requirements. Whether they need an illustration, a business card, a logo or a 3D rendering. They are confident that they can make their ideas become reality.

Your visual identity is part of your businesses attire. They work with you throughout the design process to ensure that when you show off your business, you get the reaction that you want and need in order to succeed.

Salty Zebra Creative is a graphic design, drafting and 3D design firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are visual problem solvers, endeavoring to bridge the gap between our clients and their dreams.

They offer graphic design advice, branding, 3D renderings for sales teams and home builders, and scaled drafted event site plans for event spatial planning and wayfinding signs.

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